Bizzi Growin Koochiwrap Baby Blanket – Whisper Grey


Introducing our all-time best selling Koochicoo now as a gorgeous Koochiwrap swaddle. The Koochiwrap features an ultra -soft velvet quilted padded inside layer, designed to make your new born feel cosy, snug and secure. The Koochiwraps padded lining will help to cushion and support when carrying your baby, or when you are out and about it is perfect for a pram. Made from our luxury Koochicoo fabrics and detailed with a pompom trim, the velvet adjustable ties either side allow you to manage how snug your Koochiwrap to be. The Koochiwrap swaddle also makes an ideal receiving blanket, the perfect gift idea for a baby shower, and should be on every expectant mums ‘essential’ list of baby must haves. The Koochiwrap is suitable only for infants that are not yet mobile and cannot roll over on their own. Size: 70cm x 70cm

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