The Molar Bear Teething Toy, Minty

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Lumi, Molar Bear’s rubber baby teether, has arrived. BPA and plastic free, tried and true. It’s ideal for a teething baby.

Bear-y Good Pain Relief

When your baby tries to get rid of the aches and irritations that come with teething, the Molar Bear is the perfect companion. Our rubber teether is available to assist your child at any time and in any location.
Perfect texture

To help soothe sore gums, this soft rubber teether has a set of paw prints on the back. There are also a number of ridges to aid grip

Helping & entertaining the children

If your child is in a cot, car seat, or coffee shop, the Molar Bear will help to ensure that they get the teething help they need with a friendly and flexible companion, helping to bring a smile back on their little face.

Help in a Circle

Our rubber teether is intended to help your child develop their motor skills to their full potential. The Molar Bear’s stomach has a circle in the middle of it to help them hold it.

Product Specs

Length: 103.98mm
Width: 75.66mm
Depth: 10.05mm


  • BPA Free
  • FDA approved
  • Non-toxic
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Freezer Friendly


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