Vital Baby Breast Milk Storage Bags 30pack

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The unique design of the vital baby® NURTURE™ easy pour breast milk storage bags makes them very easy to fill, store and extremely safe to transport.

Pre–sterilised and ready to use, the vital baby® NURTURE™ easy pour breast milk storage bags are perfect for storing every drop of expressed milk safely and hygienically.

The secure, leak proof seal ensures that not a drop of valuable milk is lost when storing in the fridge or freezer, plus their wide neck and free-standing base makes sure that each bag easy to fill.  Simply remove the pre-perforated tab, then immediately pour in your freshly expressed breast milk, and securely lock-in the freshness with the easy to use zip fastener.

The bag has measurement marks and space to note down the date. The bag can be popped into the fridge or freezer for storage. When you are ready to use the breast milk, there is a special easy pour spout.  Re-opening the bag by simply cutting along the dotted line, ensures that your valuable breast milk does not pour over the sealing zip which has been handled during filling.  This also avoids possible contamination and maintains a high standard of hygiene, easily and effortlessly.

There are 30 x 250ml bags in each box, so you can always have some breast milk on hand when you need it.

Baby approved. Parent recommended.

Colour:  white

Capacity:  250ml

Suitable from:  birth upwards

Included in the pack:  30 x vital baby® NURTURE™ easy pour breast milk storage bags.


12.8 x 5.5 x .05 cm

 Suitable for freezing Suitable for the microwave


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